.First introduced in the film The Enchanted Parade, she is a known misfit because of her being guilty of breaking campus regulations of owning, manufacturing, and selling high-tech electronic devices on school premises.She does not like it when others interfere with her projects, preferring always to work alone, which leads her to perform rather dangerous acts on the person who's disturbing her.She was able to create a washing machine, a generator, and a water pump in minutes.The only differences are different accessory on her hat and she wields a weapon which may be an early version of her Stanbot 's firearm configuration. Blackwell ? Frank ? Mr. Lukanette Stories. She is, however, often heard making noises indicating exclamation and emotion.She doesn't seem like a typical witch, really.She can make souped-up brooms, experimental machines, and she even builds little robots.But that transforming robot she built looked awesome.She has teal green eyes and her skin is slightly tanned.Another plausible explanation of why it should be ruled out is the accidental destruction of Stanbot that allegedly housed her soul by Akko supposedly severe enough to kill Constanze.When not in use, its feet are tucked beneath it, making a semi-flat box that she carries wherever she goes.She is usually characterized by a grumpy or serious expression.She also controls her high-tech Stanbots with magic and uses them to express herself.Cafe Proprietor ? Mr.They both are very good with electronics and making those electronics do things for them.

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Hope all of you enjoy the story because you're all in for a journey.The two who cared about her more than Diana or she herself did.However Akko’s eyes were trained on the figure sitting at the desk writing a letter as if there was nothing out of the ordinary around her, as if it weren’t 3 am in the morning, as if the silencing charm wasn’t placed in the room, as if the sight of a naked Akko and crumbled sweaty sheets were supposed to be a normal sight.Akko let out a sigh of relief as the pain receded..Sucy even closed her book and was watching everything silently. Alpha John Watson. She heard the sounds of snoring not far from her, maybe if she closed her eyes she could pretend everything was normal, as if the cold and empty feeling grasping at her heart would go away.Comments: 152 Kudos: 382 Bookmarks: 21 Hits: 6820.She flinched as she stood up, her hands gently caressed the bruises that started to form around her abdomen, hips and wrists, Akko bit back a pained groan and began to look around the room for her scattered clothes and began to wear them, her eyes glanced to where Diana sat who went back to writing her letters.The biggest pain though was in her heart, she knew no matter how many times she spent the night in Diana’s bed, the wonderful sweet nothings that were whispered to her, the warm look in her eyes as she smiled at Akko would all be gone the moment it was all done.”.Tonight the voice was louder than usual, was it because of the growing bruises, the longer nights or the worry on her friends faces.Can she really leave as if nothing happened. “I think I have a problem.As if broken from a trance Akko stepped back with widened eyes.Akko took the pillow from the bed and began to hug it, burying her face in it.Akko felt like she was looking at herself for the first time in forever, who was looking back at her.Every time she asked Diana to be gentler it seemed she took it as a challenge to be more aggressive, at this point in time she stopped asking lest she rip the seams of the shirt.She pulled at her collar revealing bite marks and bruises on her neck.They both looked up from their books, Lotte with a sad expression and Sucy with an unreadable one

From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.Cartoon Movies Artist Aesthetic Character Design Cartoon Witch My Little Witch Academia Art Supplies Drawing Little Witch Academy Anime.a.La Petite Sorciere Manga Anime Sorciere Character Design Inspiration Cartoon Cartoon Profile Pictures Witch My Little Witch Academia Little Witch Academy Beautiful Drawings Art Anime Rouhs ????11.Dessin Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time details Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka, more - Gematsu Bandai Namco has released new information and screenshots of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, detailing recently confirmed playable characters Amanda O?Neill, Constanze Albrechtsberger.. Ryuko x senketsu. Pinterest Explorer Se connecter S'inscrire Confidentialite.It's where your interests connect you with your people.Manga Amour Dessin Resultado de imagen para little witch academia constanze Character Design Cartoon Witch Little Witch Academy Anime Love Drawings Cartoon Characters Art Anime l.w.Dessin Anime SELFLESSNESS lwa stickers i did

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“There’s this really timid kid from Mexico,” Frank replied, “maybe you know him, Daisy!” --”Are you really assuming I know all Mexicans just because my mom’s from Mexico?” Daisy snapped coldly. “That must be him,” Sucy pointed at him.I joined your team!” --”That’s nice, Frank!” Lotte blushed timidly.Nice to meet ya, mate!” --”I’m Daisy,” Daisy shook the new girl’s hand in confusion, “It’s nice to meet you as well, I guess.I’m from South Ko--” “--Yes, nobody cares,” the boy rolled his eyes, “let’s start the tour, okay?” he scoffed, slightly eyeing Yoon-hee with disgust. “Thank you, professor,” Andrew bowed slightly, unmounting his broom. Noctis and gladiolus. “Good luck tryin’ to achieve that!” Professor Nelson laughed back.I’m sure you’ll get to fly someday!” she smiled.Akko noticed a black-haired boy aimlessly walking around the Luna Nova entrance.Months later, Akko Kagari and her friends return to notice the new change: boys are now allowed.After a struggling battle against the Dark Cult a few months ago, Luna Nova Academy had been partially destroyed. “I saw what happened during Flight class,” Akko said, “I just wanted to tell you: don’t give up.A passing zoom then caught their attention as Daisy gained more and more speed in her broom.After orientation had finished, the first thing he wanted was to start off on the right path. “Excellent flying, Lord Hanbridge!” Professor Nelson clapped.Akko gathered all her strength and walked towards him.A man frantically walked out of the vehicle and stood next to one of the doors. “All right, gentlemen.My girlfriend is also a descendant of one of the Nine Olde Witches!” —“Whoa, really?” Rogelio gasped, then turned his head slightly towards Team Navy. “Come on, Rogelio!” Frank cheered, “You can do it. “Presenting: Count Klaus of Vienna!” he said.No witch or wizard has ever been able to do!” —“Until now!” Daisy laughed.N-Nice to meet you, Atsuko!” --”You can call me Akko!” she flashed him a friendly smile. Fallout 4 isabel cruz romance. Akko noticed the red belt around his waist.The most modern magic school in the world!” she let out an excited squeal, twirling excitedly.You know, like pathetic and primitive people do?” --”You still don’t know a lot about me, Klaus,” Andrew replied. “Thanks, Akko!” Rogelio smiled back. “Oh, hi Akko,” Rogelio looked up timidly from his book, then placed it back on the shelf. “Lucia was one of the Nine Old Witches and she is said to be the one who invented Luna runes due to her obsession with the moon,” Professor Finnelan explained as she displayed moon-shaped hieroglyphics on the blackboard, “could anyone translate this poem Lucia herself wrote entirely using runes?

.She is a known misfit because of her being guilty of breaking campus regulations of owning, manufacturing, and selling high-tech electronic devices on school premises. (Source: Little Witch Academia Wikia)

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Feel free to use as inspiration if the mood strikes ya..May fall behind a day or two but I'm going to do my best to keep up and complete.Fun headcanons and mini-stories to accompany illustrations

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The room was little more than a stone cube with a few empty bookshelves on one wall.Let’s just hurry up and find that spike. “Look, the librarian helped me find a book about the kind of magic the spirit did down there, like seeing a world where you’re someone else.Wangari yelped and tipped back in her chair, but Jasminka caught her before she could fall. “I’m talented,” Amanda replied loudly.Above, Akko had just finished her chant, and crossed her arms proudly as the magic circle lit up beneath them. Tse-Yang Wong. Wangari was so amazed that she forgot to be scared.I have a job to finish!” Her determination and ambition shone from plane to plane until she hit another Amanda with the same heart.Despite the mysterious new teacher and her wondrous machines, it was starting to look like a peaceful holiday season. “I’m not thrilled with the way they’ve handled recent crises.” Maybe it was nothing to worry about, but Akko’s pensive mood was strange.Instead of spreading out, the beam was now focused on a single point directly overhead, in an unused room where nobody would be hurt.If the other me wants to talk, then I can find out what it’s like to be her, and she can hear about me!” “Would she want to know?” Sucy asked.She strode around the circle, eyeing it critically, then gestured her companions forward without looking.Sucy flew ahead and crunched a black-capped shroud-shroom in her teeth, which muted the light and sound of her magic when she delicately opened the latch from the outside and let them in. “You’re really out of it, today.That’s good! Right?” “Yeah,” Akko said, sitting up.” “Plan A was getting expelled, so that’d be fine with me. “My Aunt Daryl has been acting as the head of the House of Cavendish these past few years, and it seems like every letter I get from home is about some new disaster caused by her greed or carelessness. “Why’s it shaped like that, with the big wall in the middle?” “Kim thinks there’s a secret passage you access from the chapel,” Wangari said.Pencil a burglary in for the day after tomorrow, then!” Jasminka nodded, satisfied.Or had she imagined it? “Something’s wrong,” she said urgently.We’ll want people to know what happened if it kills us all. Naruto is a father crossover fanfiction. “Let’s go!” she said brightly. “Well, now,” Sucy said, grinning.Somehow, the parade of alternate Sucies felt familiar, but she couldn’t place the memory. “C-can you wait, at least?” Lotte asked desperately.Remember the spells I taught you to manipulate it, and you’ll be fine.” Lotte sighed. “Whatever.

Witchy Witch Kawaii Animation Fan Art My Little Witch Academia Little Witch Academy Anime Love Anime Artist Character Design Cartoon Witch My Little Witch Academia Little Witch Academy Anime Love Art Anime Manga Witch Pics Fan Art Deviantart Kobayashi Little Witch Academy Art Anime Pinterest Explorer Se connecter S'inscrire Confidentialite.Manga Character Design Witch Fan Art My Little Witch Academia Anime Drawings Little Witch Academy Art Anime A momentary ceasefire from Constanze Subreddit for the anime Little Witch Academia.Dessin Cartoon Witch Animation Zelda Characters My Little Witch Academia Little Witch Academy Anime Love Art Anime Little Waifu Academia bug-darkcross.First introduced in the film The Enchanted Parade, she is a known misfit because of her being guilty of breaking campus regulations of owning, manufacturing, and selling high-tech electronic devices on school premises.Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities and Equipment 4 Magic-Mechanical Devices Developed 5 Voice. On Archive of Our Own. .Gurren Lagann Manga True Art Magical Girl Anime Crossover Witch My Little Witch Academia Little Witch Academy Netflix Anime Little Waifu Academia Shiny Akko FanArt by khoola8 Source: Manga Cartoon Anime Witch Witch My Little Witch Academia Anime Love Animation Art Art Anime Black Cat World: Photo Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.It's where your interests connect you with your

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“You know?” The woman said as she went to sit next to her.It’s not like her mom would see her, since she most probably wouldn’t be there when she arrived, but it did remind her of how worried she always got whenever Akko got hurt (mostly trying to fly on a broom), and how she would always put band aids on her scratches and place kisses on her wounds.The most obvious one being Alcor’s absence.And there was also the fact that Finnelan had called her Akko instead of Atsuko, and had also called her mother by her real name, Chariot.It wasn’t just that she had been the one who found the body, but Miranda had taken her in after she became an orphan, so she was like a mother to her.They are certainly the eyes of a witch. Dishonored xxx. Eventually. Even though there were hundreds of dead birds, she knew she would have recognized her mother’s faithful companion.” The girl agreed.She found that rather odd, and her mother had never really explained it to her.She started referring to herself as Chariot du Nord once more.But honestly? She’d been at the verge of tears all day, so all that was left was bit of physical pain to finally break her resistance.You wouldn’t want your mother to see you bleeding, right?” Akko was about to refuse once again, but the last bit gave her pause. It was late anyways, so there was no way she’s be able to get to her school on time, not without her mother to give her a ride on her broom. “And Akko? Perhaps it’ll be better for you to remain at the academy today.But truthfully, her words did nothing to soothe Akko’s worries. “Professor?” The girl called before the witch could get too far, making her stop in her tracks.Also, just so you know, the main ship will be Diakko, but there will also be some Charoix, and probably Hamanda in the background.She then crossed the halls of the school at top speed, not bothering to check there, since she knew if her mother was still in the school Finnelan would have found her already.Talking to Croix not only reminded her of her mother, but it also made her see that even in her absence she wasn’t as lonely as she had initially feared.It appeared to be trying to get me to go outside, and it didn’t seem to be bothered by the storm.As she got ready, however, she did notice many little details. “You can’t. Wow. “Ow.A name no one dared using anymore for some reason. Maybe.What had the old woman been doing late at night outside in the middle of a storm.Not after last night had brought her little rest.” Akko smiled, but it was bittersweet.

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I’d be delighted to help in any way I can.” “Huh? That stuffy loser. “No! Was everyone OK.Diana wondered if that was the first time they’d ever actually agreed on something.She had told Holbrooke that she probably wasn’t the best person to be negotiating with the fairy workers, but Holbrooke had just smiled disarmingly and disagreed, and sent her running along.At least it was an enjoyable picture to look at, a fun shot Barbara had snapped of the two of them at a picnic, Akko posing with a goofy smile, making a heart with her hands above Diana’s head. 6teen porn. She seemed to believe you were the only ones capable of the task, but I remain unconvinced.” Akko leaned in again, poking the screen with a grin.What happened yesterday?” “Blytonbury was supposed to be having a large Christmas festival,” Diana started. “I love you so much, Akko. “It’s gonna be amazing, I know it.Thus it falls to Diana to save Christmas, and make the New Year’s festival one to remember.Maybe a few months ago, Diana would have flinched away, downplayed it.Like getting Professor Lukic to do a special magic potion lucky dip.Akko flushed brightly, stopping in the middle of whatever she’d been about to say.” Diana was like the one eye of calm in the constant storm.” “And you succeeded, darling,” Diana whispered with a yawn, sitting up groggily.Diana nodded, taking the paper back. “Flight’s leaving here on the afternoon of the third so uh, yeah it’ll still be the third with the time change by the time I land in England.” Diana stared meaningfully, hoping Akko would get it.

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Any rebuff to Finnelan, no matter how measured, would result in her being martyred by the press, and that would look very bad for them all.Hannah moaned and rolled to her side, pulling her pillow over her head in an effort to block everything out.But they were all the same to these ghouls.And because of Diana's desire to assimilate, she had torn her down at every opportunity.And she had punished Akko for her own shitty internalised gatekeeping.Unfortunately, Finnelan was highly respected, and her opinion held a lot of sway, especially here in Britain. FANPAGE LIU YANGYANG. Shiny Rod had faded away, it's purpose fulfilled, allowing something else to grow - within the world, and within them.Nothing but warmth.This was enough to greatly upset Diana, but that wasn't even the worst part.Diana looked in the mirror and sobbed uncontrollably, the tears streaming down her red face. She screamed at the top of her lungs and collapsed down to the floor, her back to the door, as she continued to cry.They used to have such a spacious, comfortable room, but now.She had done three years in prison for her.Diana was once again exceeding all limits.Akko didn't need to know why she had been so upset.Akko pushed herself up, ignoring the pins and needles in her legs, and stood with her.The door swung open, and in walked a muddied, soggy Diana, holding her broom.She had to prove that she could be taken seriously.Diana continued to sob into Akko's soft, cushiony mop of hair, as the other girl allowed her to do.Under this pall of darkness, the moonlight comforted her.

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She waited until the strike was calmed down to make her move. But how. She became Akko..Croix smiled to herself.Akko screams, the process would be painful for her, but Croix didn't care. Bloodborne do you hear the bell. As she makes changes to Akko's life, Croix continues the quest for the seven words, but this time, as Akko Kagari.Croix suddenly came up with a vicious idea.She spied on Akko as she allied with the magical creatures' union strike.Or another tortured soul trying to get its power.Croix shrugged.Croix went on her own, she thought about making her own Shiny Rod, with negative emotions.Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator.She became confused, she checked the dream fuel spirit in Akko's body, to find out, she didn't have any.So everyone knew that Akko had this powerful piece of magic, or thought it was a toy.She knew Akko was enrolled in Luna Nova, he just needed to buy her time to capture the young witch student.She looked at a small red glowing flash drive in the computer, this was Akko's mind, it had to be stored somewhere, Croix smirked.But she suddenly thought of something else.But she wondered about one thing, would the Shiny Rod think of her as Akko.Young hands, brown hair, Luna Nova school Uniform, and a Shiny Chariot Trading Card in her pocket.If she couldn't use the Shiny Rod as Croix Meridies, she would use it as Akko Kagari.Croix wanted it.She then performed a spell, a burning spell, she doesn't want anyone switching them back. Swapfell sans x swapfell papyrus sin. The Shiny Rod's power, it would be hers.

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” Amanda saluted, heading to the bar.Maybe she could even day drink, wouldn’t that be a laugh.Besides, her first lecture was at ten tomorrow, so she could go to sleep around one or two and still get the full eight hours, right.She raised the Shiny Rod into the air, and green magic swirled around her, and her outfit transformed into her white witch outfit! “He doesn’t scare me!” Chariot shouted and jumped onto the Shiny Balai to go fight the dragon. “Yes, Akko, I would love to meet your friend!” Chariot smiled happily at her best friend Akko.” Amanda grinned, wrapping her arm around Akko’s shoulder. Take Care of Me. ” Akko turned to the girl sitting behind her. “I’m sure we’ll all be good friends in no time.Would you care to share with the class what had you so enthralled?” Finnelan asked, causing a few chuckles to ripple out through the class.Would you like to meet her?” Akko exclaimed loudly. “Can I borrow some paper. Lady Beatrice left the following comment on A Witch’s Adventure: This is dreadful. “Yo watch where you’re- oh, hey Akko!” Amanda immediately whiplashed into a grin, raising her hand for a high five. “He’s smiling.The bow of light fired, and the arrow hit the dragon, and it blew up.If Shiny Studios weren't gonna continue the story, then it was up to her to do it, through the magic of fan fiction.A shy girl walked into the cafeteria next to Akko.” This is because the “character” could scarcely be more obvious a self-insert short of you literally giving her your own name.This one has a new character, I hope you like her.

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The witch brought her right hand closer to her face and sighed once again.She was never fake, and she shared the same passion with Shiny Chariot.I still haven't learned how to cast myself, but I'll get there.It was no surprise that she had became Luna Nova's pride student, of course that meant gaining her a prestigious reputation.She didn't care about the fact that she came from a well known family like the other kids did at their age.Bernadette taught her everything, gave her everything and raised her to be a person with a caring heart. My Texas. It was a bumpy encounter, pun intended, that lead to a great friendship.Diana followed suit, kneeling beside the other girl, and started making her own ring.It was a sensitive topic, that was somehow almost always the topic of occasions.Then she watched as the burgundy haired girl turned her attention to the girl with big round bifocals resting on the bridge of her nose.Then we will perform together and be like Shiny Chariot.Her and her roommates discussed about their vacations and what they did during the break, Hannah and Barbara gave her souvenirs from their hometown, which got them a reply of a small thanks.And that was the start of where Diana became dedicated on becoming an exceptional witch like how her mother used to be.It took a solid second before she felt her breath hitched, as dangerously familiar crimson eyes fell upon her.She wonders where she was, the last time they saw each other was when they were seven but Diana had to leave because it was that time that her mother's health was rapidly declining.

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